Recommended Gadgets for Hiking

For the majority of people, hiking provides an opportunity to disconnect from the busy daily hustles of the modern society and connect with nature. Since the society of today is technologically-driven, it’s important that for hikers to have gadgets that are excellent in keeping them safe and offer fun while they explore and connect with nature. The following gadgets could spice up the hiking activity to give make it a fulfilling outdoor experience.

Smart water bottle

While you are outdoors enjoying a hiking day, it is quite possible to forget remaining hydrated which could to result in severe health complications, particularly over the summer season. Having a smart water bottle ensures that you not only track your hydration targets but also get to measure the quantity being consumed. The smart water bottle has a companion app compatible with smartphones and hence easy to use while hiking.

Multipurpose LED light

It’s a lightweight lump that offers perfect illumination solutions for camping. The device can be placed on the picnic stool, hang in a tent and its charge goes for a long time. This gadget has related mobile app that enables it to schedule for its turning on and off,

Panic button

While hiking miles away from residential areas, one might get into a bad incidence and get help can sometimes be difficult. Having this device at such critical times helps in sending automatic messages to the contacts in your phone which can help in resolving an emergency. The panic button is also capable of sending the precise location which makes it easier for one to get found.

Outdoor smart speaker

This gadget is perfect when planning to hold a party outdoors during the hiking activity. It offers amazing music and it’s specially designed to offer rich sounds on the beach, woodlands. The gadget is also splash-proof thus effective even when rained upon.


While outdoors hiking, one can get occupied with activities thereby failing to return before sunset. For instance, injuries, bad weather, and blocked trails could hinder even a well organize All the hikers need to have is this smart gadget that uses LED light which is effective in illuminating the path for a safe return to the camp. Hiking headlamps offer the hikers with maximum satisfaction especially when engaged in a demanding hiking exercise such as mountaineering. In such activities, the hiker’s hands are free to handle other important tasks including retrieving stuff from the backpack and maps.

UV exposure sensor

Sunburns can significantly ruin the hiking fun. With this gadget, it is possible to monitor the extent of UV exposure as it keeps the hikers on alert by sending reminders to their phones whenever there is a need for sunscreen reapplication.

Sleeping mat

Hiking is a tiresome activity and this gadget offers an excellent rest. The gadget is easy to carry around during the hiking activity as it’s very light.

Compact camera

Hiking can be a memorable endeavor if the memories get captured. With this device, the hikers can take nice photos.

Water filter

Though hikers often carry big water canisters, it’s advisable to carry a water filter especially when targeting to go up mountains and streams. This gadget could help in ensuring the hikers don’t carry heavy water canisters and the the same time remain hydrated while hiking. The gadget is light and excellent in ensuring water resupply while hiking. Plenty of products to choose from, here’s a top list of water filters.